Wolf Creek Ski Resort takes proactive steps for ski season


CREEDE- Wolf Creek Ski Resort owner Davey Pitcher met with Mineral County Commissioners and Silver Thread Public health director Tara Hardy to discuss preliminary plans for the coming winter in hopes of getting ahead of the curve and be proactive in preparations for the next ski season. Pitcher opened his presentation explaining that he felt it was important to be proactive to prepare for the coming season and now was the time to think about the best approach for the coming year.

“Hopefully science will catch up and good things will happen but right now the writing is on the wall and we are wanting to figure out the best approach for next season. We are anticipating another winter of outbreaks and regulating operations, so we want to be proactive and work on having things in place. It would be nice not to have to worry about it but it is better to be prepared and not need it than to be caught off guard,” explained Pitcher.

“Wolf Creek is unique. We were fortunate enough to have gone to an electronic system two years ago. We no longer have the old tickets with punch holes, and everything is done through the RTP scanning system. We are a private corporation which allows us to make decision unlike other larger resort like Vail, Copper Mountains and Aspen. We want to use the data we have collected over the last two years to contact past pass holders; season pass holders and guests to get a comprehensive survey completed that could include questions from public health districts from our neighboring communities, not just Mineral County,” continued Pitcher.

Pitcher continued to explain that the resort is thinking about the future, looking at a reservation type system, encouraging people to ski on offseason times or slow times and who would be willing to be screened before travel to the resort and surrounding communities where they will inevitably stay while visiting. “We are looking at what we can do to demonstrate a high level of care and how we could provide and look out for the well-being of employees and guests.”

Pitcher stated that he would be looking to speak with Public Health Districts from surrounding counties and to begin the conversation of what opening the resort might look like come winter.

Public health director Tara Hardy gave Pitcher her support in the endeavor stating, “I commend you for everything you are doing to keep the community safe and healthy and active. I am more than willing to work and support any proactive plan at this point.”

Pitcher did state that everything is in the planning stage and that the resort is not seeking a preapproval or any kind of approval from state officials at this time but is merely looking ahead to what the next ski season may look like if things do not progress in the COVID-19 pandemic. More details pertaining to the coming ski season will be reported as they come available.