Zimmerman working on something 'different' for South Fork

High-quality resort expected to open sometime in 2022

SOUTH FORK — The South Fork Tines reached out to landowner Roland Zimmerman to get the facts about his new resort project in South Fork. 

Zimmerman and his wife have been in the Creede and South Fork areas for 30 years and have loved every minute of it. Originally, Zimmerman had a small RV park in South Fork 30 years ago before taking his venture to the Creede area in 1997.

“We have been here in South Fork for 30 years and we are in love with it. After opening Mountain View RV Park and Resort in Creede in 1997, we decided to retire three years ago," Zimmerman said. "Well, for the past three years I have done nothing, and it was driving me crazy, so we passed Mountain View to our oldest son and came back down to South Fork.”

Zimmerman bought the South Fork land last year and spent the winter getting the proper permits for the new resort.

“This is going to be similar to the resort we have in Creede, but we are not doing an RV park. There are going to be a number of buildings and a beautiful lodge, and we will also be doing a section of park models with another company. We did not want to take away from the other businesses in South Fork, the town has plenty of quality RV parks, so we are bringing in something different and adding to the community,” Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman added that his new resort is going to bring the quality of a high-end resort to town and that everything included will in some way benefit the South Fork community.

“We plan on being a year-round resort so that people can stay here even during the winter months and enjoy skiing at Wolf Creek," Zimmerman said. "We will be working with the Rio Grande Club and other area businesses to emphasize outdoor recreation and get families out to enjoy what South Fork has to offer.”

As far as the project itself is concerned, Zimmerman said that they have run into a few snags along the way and like other projects happening nationwide, materials have been in short supply.

“Just like everyone right now, we have found it hard to get materials for the project and we are also having a small issue with people not wanting to work. But beyond that everything is coming together as best it can,” Zimmerman said.

The property will feature a waterfall feature at the entrance with bronze statues placed throughout the resort. Zimmerman plans to plant several trees throughout the property to promote bird and wildlife habitats as well as add to the ambiance of the resort. It is situated right up against the Rio Grande and offers excellent views.

Services at the park will also include a laundry mat, fitness center, boutique store and recreational opportunities for families who come to stay.

“We feel this will be a tremendous asset to Rio Grande County and South Fork and hope to benefit the community for years to come,” Zimmerman said.

The resort is scheduled to open sometime in 2022.