Wolf Creek skiing through pandemic

WOLF CREEK- According to Wolf Creek Ski Resort Owner Roseanne Pitcher the resort has been successful with their 2020 season opening over the last two weeks and are eager to see the season progress from here. “Things are actually going very well. We do not have any amenities open at this time but hope we can change that in the future. Mostly though I think people are just thankful to be able to get out, get some fresh air and enjoy a day of skiing after everything that has happened this year.”

Pitcher stating that the most recent storm brought in an additional 34 inches over the last three days which brings the midway base to 48 inches, which pretty much amounts to excellent powder conditions. Pitcher stated that the resort has seen a fair amount of people in the last two weeks, but it wasn’t until this past weekend that they experienced long lines. “We have been fortunate to keep things well below our allowed capacity and we will make adjustments to our ticket availability as we need to but for now, things are going very well.”

Pitcher said that the resort is accepting online ticket reservations as their main source of commerce during this time but that a few people have shown up to get tickets at the ticket booth. “So far people seem to be using the online ticket purchase option on our webpage which is what we are asking but on occasion we do get the random person that buys tickets here at the resort.” Pitcher state that their total capacity is 5,000 people in accordance with state and local COVID-19 restrictions.

“We haven’t had many issues, if any at all about reminding people to social distance and to wear their masks. On occasion we have to remind someone to put their mask on while waiting at the lifts but mainly people are more than happy to comply on their own. We are out here doing what we do best which is operating lifts for people so that they can enjoy a day of outdoor recreation and get away from the stress that is happening right now.”

“We are cleaning facilities and restrooms every hour, we have placed COVID-19 restriction signage around the resort and are adhering to Colorado State guidelines and are working closely with the Silver Thread Public Health District to ensure that we are in compliance. Everything has been really well received by our customers.”

Wolf Creek is only one of a few resorts that have opened around the state and they hope to keep it that way. “We will do what we need to, to stay open. So far, we have seen people coming in from Crested Butte, Durango, Breckenridge, the Denver area and of course from here in the Valley. With the recent snow, everyone is bundled up which helps with COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing. Snow has been our driver and we are happy to see the moisture.”

Pitcher stated that the resort is taking every precaution to make sure the resort is available for people to get out and get away. “I am really pleased with how well things have gone so far. This makes a difference for a lot of people and we want to be here to give them the chance to get outside and enjoy the season.”

For more information, current conditions and ticket availability please visit www.wolfcreekski.com


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