Wolf Creek Ski Area having a solid season


Courtesy photos Wolf Creek Ski Area continues to accumulate snow during the second half of its 2022-2023 season. February snowstorms have brought the resort's total to 279 inches with more snow in the forecast.

Resort continues to work to bring more for skiers in the future

WOLF CREEK — For the past 83 years, the Wolf Creek Ski Area has brought outdoor recreation to the San Luis Valley and surrounding areas, and not only do they get the most snow in Colorado, but they also offer top of the line services to snow hounds from all over the world.

With spring just around the corner, snow just keeps on falling and the skiers keep on coming. This season has proven to be an average year as far as snow fall goes, but as the calendar moves to March in the Valley there is hope that late-season snow will come to Wolf Creek.

Though the season started slowly, the resort is taking steps to ensure that they can open on time every year by installing a new water system to aid in snow-making projects. The resort spent the summer finalizing a new 750,000-gallon water tank that will allow the resort to make even more snow during the ski season. In August, crews were finishing work on the pump room that will move the water to the appropriate slopes throughout the resort when they need to make snow.

Supply chain issues have resulted in the resort having to wait to finish the project and though it was not in place this season, it is projected to be finished in time for next season. Owner Rosanne Haidorfer-Pitcher said that they have received permission from the Rio Grande National Forest to begin filling the water reserve tank now that precipitation levels have increased over the last several months. It will take time to fill the 750,000-gallon tank from ground surface water so the sooner they can start filling the tank, the better.

So far this year the resort has seen 279 inches of snow with more in the forecast. Right now, the resort is reporting powder and packed powder early spring conditions and the mountain is packed daily with skiers and ticket sales are steady on the new website, especially with spring break coming around the corner.

According to the resort they are still working to enhance their educational experience for skiers by creating their Lynx Learning Center and Program.

“The ski area’s goal over the last several years has been to create a learning center for adults that stimulates and provides a quality ski experience for new skiers,” Haidorfer-Pitcher said. “The Lynx Learning Center along with the Lynx Lift has helped achieve this objective. Ski instructors are able to greet new skiers and guide them to the Lynx building where they can have a successful introduction to the sport.”

In addition to the adult program, the resort still offers their Wolf Pup program which provides everything a young skier may need for a day of fun on the mountain. Children ages 5 to 8 years old can be enrolled online and the program offers tickets, lessons, lunch, and snacks for the entire experience, depending on what families want to do while visiting the resort.

The second half of the 2022-2023 ski season is off to a great start. For more information, visit www. wolfcreekski.com.