Wolf Creek boasts most acreage open in Colorado

WOLF CREEK— The entire Valley is dealing with the effects of no snow for the year this far, but the Wolf Creek Ski Area is still up and running strong.

According to reports by 9News Colorado has not seen a dry season like this in almost 37 years. At this time, Colorado is at 54 percent snowfall for the year, which is the lowest total since 1981. Northern Colorado is currently at 80 percent snowpack while the southern slopes combined are sitting at a meager 24 percent with Wolf Creek at a base of 18 inches and a total of 54 inches for the year.

In comparison to nearby ski resorts like Silverton Mountain, Purgatory and Telluride, Wolf Creek tops the lists for the most acreage open so far, this year. According to the most recent reports, the ski resort has a total of 1,440 acres open out of their 1,600 acres, which compared to other resorts, is the most on this side of the San Juan Mountain Range. With snow in the forecast for the region, officials at Wolf Creek are doing everything they can to keep the resort up and running in the meantime.

The resort has all nine lifts open and operational for the season and is reporting packed powder conditions which makes for excellent skiing. Last week, as a winter storm covered the San Juan Mountains, Wolf Creek was lucky to receive an additional three inches, while other neighboring resorts received less than one inch. Snow machines are still working to create additional snow, while officials wait for mother nature to make a comeback. According to the resort, “We worked to increase Wolf Creek’s snow making capacity this summer, by purchasing two, new, high-efficiency fan guns from the European company, Super Snow, increasing snowmaking capacity at higher temperatures,” stated Rosanne Haidorfer-Pitcher, vice president for marketing and sales.

This year the resort opened the new Lynx Lift and Interpretive Center which houses the resort’s beginner skiers and ski school participants. The new building has proven to be a wonderful addition to the resort, helping to streamline the congested crowds from some of the more popular runs and allowing the less experienced skiers a chance to learn away from the crowds.

“This area, the Interpretive Center, is where instructors greet skiers enrolled in lessons. Students will be introduced to the sport, watch safety videos and begin their lesson. The Lynx building will be the new location for approximately 200 ski instructors complete with lockers, administrative office, break area and restrooms. The Lynx Lift does not only service beginner terrain but also helps intermediate and advanced skiers access the Elma and Alberta lifts. The Alberta and Tranquility parking lots are accessible via the Lynx Lift by transporting guests up to Okey Dokey and then onto a trail that leads to shuttle services for parking,” stated Haidorfer-Pitcher.

Now all the resort needs to finish out the season is a healthy dose of snow, which hopefully will be coming in the near future.

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