Town Board celebrates visitors center

The South Fork Visitors Center is looking for a moose, a mountain lion, a bighorn sheep ram, a marmot and a turkey to add to these animals on display. Photo by Patrick Shea

SOUTH FORK— On Thursday, March 28, the South Fork Town Board officially celebrated the Visitors Center project completion before starting their meeting in the newly renovated facility. Topics ranged from budget and police reports to wells on private and public land.
According to South Fork Town Administrator Dan Hicks, the town was formed in 1992. The Colorado Department of Transportation needed to rearrange the intersection between Highway 160 and Highway 149, so they chose the “Y” intersection as the site for the Visitors Center. After gaining approval in 1994, crews put the final touches on the building in 1996.
More than 20 years later, South Fork Visitors Center Director Mark Teders completed much of the renovation work himself. Tourism funding paid for materials, but Teders provided the elbow grease and woodworking expertise. Other city staff members laid carpet and installed lighting as well.
Although the updated visitors center features new display animals, Hicks said they are looking for more species to represent the locals. In particular, they’re looking for a moose, a mountain lion, a bighorn sheep ram, a marmot and a turkey. Contact Teders at the visitors center to make a donation for mounting and display (719-873-5512).
Hicks reported averaging between 20,000 and 25,000 visitors at the center each year, and Teders reported increased web traffic as well. Both reported positive responses to the new interior and informative resources.
Later during the meeting, Hicks said board members discussed new state water division rules regarding wells. Applicable to private and municipal wells, the new rules are currently under appeal. But Hicks said they’re planning ahead to be in compliance. As the Water Enterprise project develops, Hicks noted careful considerations to establish standards and procedures. The board will discuss ordinance wording before the end of May.
The planning commission will meet on Wednesday, April 17, and the South Fork Town Board will meet again on Tuesday, April 23 at the Carnegie Library, starting at 6 p.m.


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