Temporary power outage hits Creede, South Fork

CREEDE— The Mineral County Board of County Commissioners meeting in Creede was postponed because the entire town was without power on the morning of Jan. 7. But the San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative (SLVREC) restored service in Creede at 10:45 a.m.
According to SLVREC’s Marketing and Economic Development Coordinator Andrea Oaks-Jaramillo, “a transmission line guide wire fell across our line at 3 a.m.” on Monday morning. Coop members in South Fork, Creede and surrounding areas lost power. At 5:20 a.m., SLVREC restored service for South Fork members, but a secondary break affected Creede for another five-plus hours.
“We don’t have a determination of the cause,” Oaks-Jaramillo explained after resolving both breaks in service
Although the problem is resolved, the outage gives coop members an opportunity to customize how they’re notified of significant SLVREC events in the future. SLVREC provides a variety of notification methods. Oaks-Jaramillo posted instructions on the company’s Facebook page directing coop members to use their SmartHub app to specify when and how they receive notices. Options include text, email or a combination for planned and unplanned outages and other service-threatening events.
SLVREC also provides Internet service through the company’s fiber-optic division, Ciello. However, SLVREC’s electric service and Ciello Internet service do not share the same conduit and network paths. When the power is out, Internet access may still be available.
Nonetheless, even with Internet connections and other options, Oaks-Jaramillo encourages coop members to dial SLVREC directly in most cases. The company’s Facebook page is not refreshed on weekends, but the call line is always open and updated (719-852-3538).
Oaks-Jaramillo relayed praise from SLVREC personnel who work in Creede. “We have the greatest customers in Creede,” Oaks-Jaramillo said. “They’re always supportive of our line workers, always cooperative.”


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