Spring fishing clinics at the Rio Grande Club

SOUTH FORK — The Rio Grande Club and Resort in South Fork is hosting a series of fly-fishing clinics beginning Saturday, March 13, and slated to run on Saturdays through May 22. 

The clinics are aimed at educating folks interested in fly fishing, from beginners to advanced anglers. Part of the proceeds will benefit Trout Unlimited SLV, a nonprofit dedicated to the conservation, preservation and restoration of local and regional watersheds.

Local fly-fishing guide Bradley Powers is heading up the innovative program, which takes attendees from the basics of equipment and casting to entomology, fish biology, reading the river, advanced casting techniques, fly tying and more.

Powers says he has been fishing the Upper Rio Grande since 2008. He is currently heading into his second season as a guide. “It’s a great feeling being in nature and landing that monster trout,” he said. “But for me, it’s also about teaching the science and art of fly fishing. That is by far the most rewarding part of being a guide.”

The first clinic — Fly Fishing 101 — will cover topics such as how to confidently buy equipment and tackle, selecting flies, the science of casting and how to fish dry and wet flies. “Our first clinic is for anyone with an interest in fly fishing who wants to learn the fundamentals of the sport.” Powers said. “Basically, someone could come into this class never having heard of fly fishing and walk out to confidently set themselves up with equipment and tackle and get on the water knowing how to catch a fish.”

Attendees are encouraged to bring whatever fishing equipment they have to the clinics.

The second and third clinics will cover casting techniques and aquatic insects, respectively. “Casting 101 is for newcomers to the sport, as well as anglers looking to improve their casting fundamentals,” Powers said. The third clinic will teach how to “match the hatch” with flies. “There is a lot of nuance to the aquatic insect life cycle & behavior. Folks will walk out of this class with the appropriate knowledge to feel more confident in their fly selection out on the water.”

The fishing clinic series is slated for every Saturday from 1–2:30 p.m. at the Rio Grande Club, beginning March 13 through May 22 (excluding Easter weekend). The cost will vary per class, based on necessary supplies. The first three clinics — Fly Fishing 101, Casting 101 and Entomology — are $20 per person. 
Call 719-873-1995 or 512-415-1454, for more information and to sign up. Space is limited.