South Fork Town Board approves funding for Public Works equipment

Courtesy of SFFF The Friends of South Fork Foundation donated money to help with the cost of resurfacing South Fork's pickleball courts that are now complete and ready for play.

Resurfacing of pickleball courts near community center completed

SOUTH FORK — On June 22, the South Fork Town Board approved funding for a new loader and trailer and for resurfacing of pickleball courts.

The first resolution passed by the board was for the purchase of equipment to be used by the Public Works department in continuing work on the new water system.

According to Resolution 21-10, as read by Town Attorney Gene Farish, “The Town of South Fork Water Enterprise has initiated the Westerly Phase Water System project which will expand and improve the existing water system in the Town of South Fork and whereas, the Town of South Fork Public Works Department has the responsibility, according to the project design and funding, to make the new water line connections between the water meter and the water customer. This activity requires the Public Works Department to dig ditches between the water meter and the entrance to connect each water customer’s internal water pipes.”

Once the resolution was read, board members approved the use of funding out from the Water Enterprise Fund for the purchase of a Bobcat loader and trailer attachment in the amount of $8,840. The equipment was found through an auction and will be purchased used. The motion carried unanimously.

Over the past several years, after a push from previous South Fork Mayor Jerry Hixson and other residents, pickleball has become a popular sport in the area. Several local and neighboring organizations came together to make the best of the old pickleball courts located next to the South Fork Community Center, but the courts continued to degrade.

After receiving a generous donation for the resurfacing of the pickleball courts from the Friends of South Fork Foundation in the amount of $17,000, town staff approached the Rio Grande County Commissioners and asked that an additional $9,000 be donated through the county’s Colorado Conservation Trust Fund. The request was approved by Rio Grande County Commissioners during its meeting on June 16 in a unanimous vote.

A bid for the project was accepted by the Town of South Fork from Alamosa contractor Asphalt Constructors, Inc. in the amount of $26,000. The board of trustees approved the use of the funds for the sole purpose of resurfacing the courts by adopting Resolution 21-11 which passed unanimously during the June 22 meeting.

The project was completed last week, and the courts have now been fully resurfaced. Town board members expressed gratitude to the Friends of South Fork Foundation and the Rio Grande County Commissioners for helping to make this project happen.


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