South Fork Friends Foundation sets dates for coming events

SOUTH FORK — With summer just around the corner, the South Fork Friends Foundation (SFFF) recently announced some events that will be happening this year.

First off, on the morning of April 26, volunteers with SFFF and the Town of South Fork gathered at the South Fork Visitor Center for the first of five road clean up events between now and Memorial Day weekend. SFFF is partnering with CDOT on specific days to help clean up the highway and prepare for summer guests. Volunteers are always needed. Contact the visitor center for the next scheduled date.

As volunteers work to clean up South Fork, the SFFF is also preparing for its annual yard sale which has become one of the most anticipated events on the western end of the Valley. As the old adage goes, out with the old and in with the new, participating families gather all their non-essential goods to turn it from their junk, into another’s treasure. This event will be held the first weekend in June.

The yard sale coincides with the annual South Fork Town cleanup day and is an opportunity for people to clean out yards, garages, sheds and more. Not only will the town be collecting trash but the items that can be reused can be put into the yard sale. A map of all yard sale locations throughout town is provided to people looking to shop and the visitor center parking lot serves as a community yard sale for people who want to bring things to sell but do not reside in South Fork. People who want their addresses added to the map need to contact the visitor center at 719-873-5512.

The organization is also working to put together a Garden Club that would allow participants the chance to plant flowers and learn about gardening techniques at the visitor center. The club was supposed to start earlier this month but because of Colorado’s spring weather it was postponed to another date that will be announced as soon as the weather permits.

In addition to the events listed above, the South Fork Friends Foundation is also looking to add a few events this year, including an arts and crafts festival on July 20. Details about this event are still in the works but the date is set, and the event is moving forward.

At the end of the summer, SFFF is hoping to add a Burro Stampede to the agenda in September. This event would bring burro racers to the area for one last showdown before the cooler temperatures come crashing in. The event is scheduled for Sept. 3 with location and details to come.

To stay up to date on the coming events, visit the South Fork Friends Foundation Facebook page or look for calendar events scheduled on the South Fork Visitor Center website at


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