South Fork begins work on new water system

SOUTH FORK- The Town of South Fork was pleased to announce last week that the new water system project is well underway and that it will be finished within a year. The town has been working on the new water system for several years in attempt to become compliant with state and federal regulations.

“We have been working on this for a long time and the project is finally beginning. It will be a huge benefit to the community,” said Town Manager Dan Hicks.“The Town of South Fork Board of Trustees, in recognition of the State Water Division No. 3 rules dated September 2015 for governing the withdrawal of ground water approved March 15, 2019, by the Colorado District Court, are to consider approval of Ordinance 19-01. This ordinance requires all wells within town limits to be compliant with the Water Division No. 3 rules within one year.

These standards were created jointly by the San Luis Valley Water Conservancy District and Water Division 3 as the method to define the required quantities. The Town will use these standards to calculate its augmentation requirements for the wells it owns and utilizes to provide water services to water users on town owned systems. Well owners required by the State Water Division No. 3 to purchase augmented water rights will also be required to follow the calculations in the Schedule A. Any agreements approving augmented water amounts for well(s) prior to this ordinance do not have to utilize the Schedule A calculations.

The town now owns and maintains several water systems. Water usage fees and connection fees for water service were added to the town fee schedule in resolution 19–07. The town, through the Water Enterprise program began providing water service and invoicing customers in March 2019. This ordinance 19-02 establishes procedures for invoicing and collection of billings for customers of town owned water systems and defines penalty charges/actions for delinquent accounts. This is the first time the town has established such procedures for a Municipal Utility.”

Davis Engineering began the project last month. “All of our funding has been received and we were able to move forward with the water system and central treatment plant. The project is expected to take about a year to complete,” said Hicks. 


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