South Fork approves electric vehicle charging station

SOUTH FORK- As part of an effort that was established through the State of Colorado, the Town of South Fork could be joining the neighboring community of Creede and other rural Colorado towns to install a new electrical vehicle charging station if they are approved for a grant to help with costs associated with the project.

The state plan for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations highlighted the need for EVs throughout several corridors across the state including the Silver Thread Scenic Byway and Wolf Creek Pass, making South Fork a prime location for a station. “In response to this plan and increasing traveler demand, the Town Administration requests approval to proceed with installation of a Level 2 electric vehicle car charging station, which is not only strategic in placement for motorists, but will establish the Silver Thread Byway as a first scenic EV passage in Colorado.”

According to Finance Manager Mary Grace Garcia who headed the project, the South Fork Town Board adopted a resolution Tuesday, Sept. 22, approving the remaining costs after the approval of the grant. The grant is for $9,000 and the town will be responsible for the remaining cost of $8,500 which will be included in the 2021 budget.

Garcia held a presentation for the board to explain why a charging station would be appropriate for the town and how it could be beneficial to the area. Garcia stated that the installation of the charging station would offer the opportunity for the town to welcome additional travelers that may not have come to the area due to the lack of EV availability and in turn bring new people to the area for commerce.

The unit will be a CT4021 Dual Port Commercial Charging Station that allows customers to use smartphone applications and electronic funds transfers to pay for the service. The unit does 25 miles per hour charge with easy to use interface technology.
The town hopes to hear whether or not they will be approved for the grant by the beginning of October and to have the unit installed and ready for use by November of this year. 


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