Shady Burro launches Aug. 6-7 in South Fork


Courtesy photos The Shady Burro Enduro is hitting the trails near South Fork next weekend, Aug. 6-7. The Shady Burro Enduro won the Year's Best Enduro Award in 2021 and is looking to win it again this year.

SOUTH FORK — With all the necessary paperwork in place, and all the permits stamped and approved, the Shady Burro Enduro is ready to hit the trails around South Fork next weekend, Aug. 6-7.

Hundreds of riders from all walks of life will gather just outside of South Fork in their new location to the northwest of town to get ready to ride along a specifically mapped and designed course for enduro racers of all abilities. This race has been dubbed the best of what enduro is known for and never seems to disappoint riders who come from all over the US.

This year, according to race coordinator Jud Barlow, who has planned the event for the past two years, the race will take place in a new location and racers should be ready for a little bit of everything. Barlow and the Shady Burro Enduro make sure to rotate locations every other year to minimize the effects the race has on local trails.

Shady Burro Enduro’s job does not start or end at the finish line. The entire force of volunteers and coordinators will be out in the hills weeks before the event cleaning up trails, and fixing anything that needs to be fixed from winter and spring conditions and they work hand in hand with the Rio Grande National Forest as well as BLM and the Town of South Fork.

The group has done so well, they received a five-year permit this year to come back every summer and host their event. This is a huge accomplishment in the outdoor enduro world as many of the enduro races garnered some bad publicity a few years ago.

The race also received the Enduro of the Year award from the Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit in 2021 and has been nationally recognized as one of the best enduro events in Colorado and the news just keeps getting better.

The event will take racers of all abilities into the San Juan Mountains and though the routes are not announced until the day of the event, racers can expect a little of every type of terrain and challenge. According to Barlow, the race is not difficult, but it will be challenging, and he highly suggests being well prepared for the race days before the start.

Racers are encouraged to be well hydrated and to bring appropriate gear. There will be medics on hand for emergencies and refreshments provided throughout the course. All proceeds collected from the event go toward future races in the area and to trail rehabilitation and preservation throughout Colorado.