Shady Burro Enduro finds new location in South Fork

Courtesy of Shady Burro Enduro The Shady Burro Enduro is headed back to South Fork and has found a new staging and camping area in town located behind 8200 Sports. The event brings hundreds of enduro racers to town the first weekend in August.

SOUTH FORK — The Shady Burro Enduro is riding back into South Fork the first weekend in August and will have two full days of races on surrounding forest service trails.

At the beginning of the year, Shady Burro Enduro event planners had a new obstacle to navigate but did so without any issues. Over the past several years, the event had a staging area at the Rhythms on the Rio land located outside of town but because that land was sold, both events needed a new home.

“We have always been so grateful to the Carlson’s for allowing us to stage and camp on their land east of town. We loved the land, loved the Carlson’s and understand their decision to sell. It always offered the perfect location but thanks to the generosity of South Fork we were able to find a new location in town that will allow our riders easy access to trails, local businesses and restaurants,” said event coordinator Scott Bright.

The new staging and camping area is on vacant land located just behind 8200 Sports.

“This new location will be great, and we are so thankful to everyone that made it possible for us to come have another successful year here in South Fork. Being this close to town will be beneficial to the town and our riders,” said Bright’s coordination partner Jud Barlow.

Shady Burro riders will have access to the special OHV route that will take them from the staging area, up along the legal OHV route to County Road 15 and down to the trail systems. According to Barlow the new location couldn’t have been a better fit for the event.

“It is really cool that South Fork has embraced the OHV community and we will be the shining example of what an OHV supportive community can offer. Everyone is super excited to have us back and we are super excited to come and show how great events like this can be in communities,” Barlow said.

The race begins Aug. 7 and will feature a 115-mile race for the enduro circuit. On Saturday, the riders will start between 7 and 11 a.m. at the official start location on Highway 149. This 115-mile race takes riders into the Rio Grande National Forest on the south side of town where several courses offering obstacles for riders of all abilities the chance to experience South Fork like never before.

“We have a rotation of trails that we use every year. We rotate trails in order to give trails used in previous years a chance to heal and recover from our use. It is one of the things we take pride in and shows communities how good trail stewardship can be done,” said Bright.

Bright, Barlow and their team have spent the last few weeks clearing trails that recently came up on their rotation for use and have worked with the Boothill Motorcycle Club to create courses for the race that bring back the old school enduro feel.

“The trails we have been working on had grown over, which is exactly what we like to see when we use trails that have gone off of rotation. We cleared over 100 downed trees and cleared several trails for this event,” continued Bright.

On Sunday, riders will once again line up at the starting point along Highway 149 and head to the north side of town to complete a 90-mile course.

“We are graciously asking that travelers be aware of our starting and return times when the riders will be leaving and coming back into town each day. From about 7 a.m. until about 4 p.m. there will be riders along Highway 149 heading to and from trails. Please be cautious,” Bright said.

This year’s Shady Burro Enduro t-shirts will also feature local business sponsors for the event.

“We got in touch with the South Fork Chamber and worked with them to reach out to businesses. Our motto is to leave a town in better shape than what it was when we show up and this is a great way for us to help support the community,” Bright said.

Riders will also be under a strict 10 p.m. curfew now that the staging and camping area is in the middle of town.

“We want to be welcomed back here so it is our top priority to do whatever to make sure that happens. We are so excited to be here,” finished Bright.


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