Second annual Enduro headed to South Fork

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SOUTH FORK— The Shady Burro Enduro will be coming back to South Fork the second weekend of August for their second annual endurance race. The enduro is sanctioned through the Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit which organizes motorized racing events throughout the country from Montana all the way down to Texas. Scott Bright brought the event to the area first in 2011 and 2013, taking a break due to the people not wanting the event in the area.
“The town of South Fork has changed drastically over the years and people have become more accepting of events like this, especially since having the ATV laws in town changed. We love the area and the trails, so we wanted to come back,” said Bright. South Fork and the Del Norte area have recently embraced the 500 plus miles of designated motorized vehicle trails in the surrounding Rio Grande National Forest District, wanting to utilize the trail system to help bring in people and stabilize the economy.
This year, the riders participating in the event worked with local landowners to come up with a compromise that would bring the group closer to town and the many opportunities it has to offer. “We want to come to an area and help the business owners. By bringing the riders closer to town, it allows everyone to venture into town to enjoy the restaurants, shops and local hotels,” said Bright.
The race took place on Forest Service Road 345 near Willow Park last year and placed the riders about six miles from the nearest town. This year the group will be staying at the Rhythms on the Rio location the weekend after the festival. “We pride ourselves on bringing economic value to the community and engineer the event to get people in touch with local businesses,” finished Bright.
The race is made to test the endurance of any rider regardless of age or ability. Participants will be riding the trails located north of town in the Rio Grande National Forest between South Fork and Del Norte. Riders travel anywhere from 50 to 90 miles of trails per day and undergo rigorous tests throughout the race. “The attitude of the people in the South Fork area has changed. It is rare to find a community so supportive of motorized events like the enduro. The community has worked really hard to welcome us,” said Bright.
The race will begin Aug. 12 and run for two days. Riders usually begin in the early morning and finish by mid-afternoon, after which they can venture out and enjoy all that South Fork and the surrounding communities have to offer.
Bright asked that anyone who wants to see the race, to be sure to find a safe and out of the way location along the trails to watch as riders go by. For safety reasons, Bright stated that it is best for everyone if people could refrain from being on the designated trails during the event. “Spectators are welcome, but locations to watch the race are hard to find,” said Bright. The specifics of the location have been kept quiet for safety reasons. For more information or to qualify for the event, visit

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