School districts teaching students at home

SAN LUIS VALLEY - Like other school districts throughout the Valley, the Creede School District has worked countless hours working with teachers and staff to ensure the continued education for students in the area. From elementary to high school, district teachers and staff have used Google Classroom as their platform to bring the joy of learning to every student in their school.
“The first week after being notified that we would stay closed until April 17, was spent preparing to provide the correct equipment and technology to students and their families. We conducted a technological survey and determined just over 30 families would need either laptops or iPads and some families needed to have Wi-Fi hooked up at home. Thanks to the help of Ciello, the school will be aiding families by paying the monthly bill and Ciello will be installing the fiber optics free of charge,” said Creede School Principal John Goss.
Teachers have complied materials and sent home packets for students to complete and the school is continuing to offer free meals to students, even delivering them to students who live in South Fork. “I am very proud of the school for being able to reach out to our students and do this. As of right now, we are going to try everything out for a week and then re-assess Monday next. I know we can be successful and that our students will adjust quickly.”
The Upper Rio Grande School District is following suit with other area schools and is offering students at home learning solutions while schools are closed due to the CODIV-19 epidemic. Beginning March 30, students with the district will begin online classes suing a variety of online tools and resources. Teachers and staff throughout the district have worked hard over the last several weeks to prepare to teach students at home.
Upper Rio Grande School District Superintendent Chris Burr states, “Now the great news....Today, March 31 I received an email from the CDE school nutrition unit, notifying us that we will qualify for a meal delivery program, for all Upper Rio Grande Students.  This program is only for families of students who qualify for free or reduced lunches.  If a family has had a recent change of financial circumstances, we will work with you to get an application completed, and get you qualified to receive meals.  Under this program, the meals will come directly from the source, and will be mailed to families via UPS or USPS.  In short, we have found a way to feed our students in need, without creating a serious health risk for our cafeteria or transportation staff. It is truly great news!”
Teachers have prepared a distance learning curriculum that will focus on the most vital needs of the students.  Students are encouraged to stay in contact will their teachers and school with any questions or concerns they may have.


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