Rio Grande County moving forward with new hires

RIO GRANDE COUNTY- Through the combined efforts of Interim County Administrator Suzanne Benton and Rio Grande Commissioner Gene Glover, Rio Grande County is slowly but surely filling the empty positions in several departments. According to the Board of County Commissioners, a new Human Resource Director Debra Entz has been hired and started with the county last week.

In addition to the new Human Resource Director, the county is also welcoming a new contracted Interim Administrator who has started in her position with the county as of Wednesday, Oct. 14. Judy Egbert will stay with the county until a more permanent Administrator can be found. Suzanne Benton finished out her contracted time with the county and has moved on to retirement. Egbert has worked as an Interim Administrator and clerk for other Valley communities including South Fork several years ago and comes to the position with years of experience.

Rio Grande Commissioner John Noffsker announced during an interview that the county has narrowed down applicants for the Administrator position to three, highly qualified individuals and that the board would be preparing an offer for the best candidate soon.

Noffsker continued to explain that the board has worked diligently with Public Health personnel to find a Public Health Director. “We have narrowed our choices down to one individual who has experience with public health and who is a very qualified individual. We hope to be able to make an offer very soon and fill the position. Our Public Health Department has been working extremely hard and has done a fantastic job. They deserve someone that will work just as hard for them.


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