Rio Grande County Administrator resigns

Monday, July 27, Rio Grande County Administrator Trish Slater submitted her resignation to the Board of County Commissioners which was accepted by the majority of the board and deemed effective immediately.

Rio Grande County Commissioners entered into an executive session after a brief special meeting Monday to discuss personal issues and after the executive session voted to accept Slater’s resignation. “It was a mutual agreement between both parties and was decided that it was just not a good fit for anyone. We are seeking a replacement immediately and may seek an Interim Administrator to get us through until we can find a permanent person to fill the position” said Board Chairman John Noffsker.

Noffsker explained that the county will be seeking someone who has experience in county

administrative business and someone with the potential to stay for the long term. “It is unfortunate that we find ourselves in this position but regardless of what is going on at this current time we are going to focus on what is best for the county and its constituents.”

When contacted, Slater declined to comment. According to Noffsker, Slater will be finishing out the payroll and helping to train additional staff in the office to run technical equipment like the Zoom meetings to make sure that the county runs smoothly until a replacement or Interim Administrator can be found.


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