RGC Commissioners hear airport update, approve request from sheriff

RIO GRANDE COUNTY — Kent Rominger Airport Manager Earl Robinson gave an update on the status of the Jet A fuel system at the airport and stated that the system should be up and running before the end of the month.

Robinson said he had been working to get the system ready since its installation earlier this year, working with area contractors to ensure everything was in place before turning the system on. In addition to working on the Jet A fuel system, Robinson continued to work on grant funding for future projects at the airport and with hanger owners who are building new hangers on the property.

“The Jet A system is still moving forward, I know sometimes we have to draw a line in the sand and look behind us, but we are moving forward. There was a glitch with the electrical that is being worked out. Mascot’s representative visited about a week ago to go over the entire system and we have been in contact with Dan Miller, the electrician and he said there is a little bit more work to do and I am optimistic that we will be pumping Jet A by the end of the month and that everything is coming together.”

Robinson continued to state that airport staff underwent a Jet A training and that everyone was on board with the operation of the new system. The company that sold the system to the airport will be coming again later in the month to do onsite training, provide training material and checklists for staff to use while learning the system.

After Robinson’s presentation, Rio Grande County Sheriff Anne Robinson spoke to commissioners about fixing some of the door locks at the sheriff’s office, stating that they had some funding saved to pay for the replacement locks.

“We have door locks that are over at the sheriff’s office that are failing, and we have revenue collected through our contract with Saguache County. What we are asking is to use some of that revenue to replace the locks,” Robinson said.

Shortly after Anne took office, the sheriff’s office created an agreement with Saguache County Sheriff’s Office to help house some of their overflow inmates and with that Saguache County then pays a certain amount per inmate that is housed in Rio Grande County Jail. This funding was not included in the budget for 2023, as the agreement was made after the budget was passed.

The sheriff would like to have five door locks replaced and have a slide card entry along with the regular key punch that is already on the doors. Robinson explained that this would allow for two forms of entry in case one or the other fails.

Commissioners voted to approve the use of funding for the project.