Petition to recall Noffsker falls short

RIO GRANDE COUNTY- In an announcement made by petition advocate Mona Syring on Friday, Sept. 25, the committee heading the recall efforts against Rio Grande County Commissioner John Noffsker fell short of the required 909 signatures and the petition was not submitted for approval.

In an email to Rio Grande County Clerk Cindy Hill, Syring wrote, “We will not be submitting our petition to recall John Noffsker. While we came very close to the goal of obtaining 909 signatures, we did not come close enough.” The petition circulated Rio Grande County for 60 days with a deadline of Sept. 25.

Though additional information is not available at this time, Noffsker responded to the news with gratitude. “I appreciate the process, that is what makes our system so great. To be honest, it was the last thing on my mind because there was work that needed to be done in the county. I do know that the petition was causing some unrest among county employees but now it has been laid to rest and we can focus on what is most important. I just want to send a heartfelt thank you to my constituents for their continued support.”

Noffsker stated that he was appointed by the board to oversee the Public Health Department reorganization and that things are going well. “We have some amazing employees that are working diligently to make sure the department runs without a hitch. They are preparing for the annual flu vaccination season and still working on COVID-19 at the same time.”

Noffsker stated that the state audit is well underway and that there are some issues that have been identified in the financial part of the department. “There have been some over payments, incorrect stipends issued and poor grant management, but that is why we are doing this. We have two really great candidates for the Public Health Director position, and we want this department on track before we hand over the keys.”

Noffsker also stated that the county is close to hiring a qualified individual for the Administrator position. “That has been our main focus at the county. We need to get people hired and let them do their jobs. Though the petition was distracting and added a level of uncertainty, everyone just kept doing what needed to be done and I am grateful.”


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