New lift enhances ski school, brings Valley students

WOLF CREEK— The ski area may be in short supply of snow this season, but the new lift made for beginner skiers and ski school participants is a happening place to be.

The terminal outside of the new building has been packed since opening day, with excited students not only from the Valley, but from around the globe as well. Having the beginners away from the main ski area has proven to be a huge benefit for everyone at the resort, and those who have ventured through the new building and taken the lift to the top of the slope, agree on one thing; it was a success from the word ‘Go!’

Bill Metz Elementary out of Monte Vista has spent the last two weeks bringing students grades third through fifth to the ski area to participate in their Wolf Pup program. The program spans the length of experience and is open to children ages two to 12 and places them in the correct educational setting for their specific type of skiing experience. The students traveled to the mountain throughout the two weeks to learn proper skiing and snowboarding techniques from Wolf Creek’s top educators and to be some of the first in the new learning center.

The Lynx Lift offers the comforts of other lift terminals at the resort with an extra bit of room for instructors to show informational videos and walk beginner skiers through the fundamentals of skiing before heading out on the slopes.

The students learn how to fit their skies properly at one of the ski rental shops on the mountain, how to remain safe while out on the slopes and the basics of stopping, turning and terrain management skills that allow for daily advancements as the children learn. The new Wolf Pup building just to the south of the main Wolf Creek Lodge also gives students a place to have lunch prepared by their very own chef, a safe place to store all of their belongings and easy access to both the Lynx and Nova lifts. The resort offers a special rate to schools for participating in the program.

Another Colorado program available now is the Fifth and Sixth Grade Passport. This program offers three free days to students in the fifth or sixth grades throughout Colorado at any one of the 22 resorts registered through the Colorado Ski Country USA non-profit association. Wolf Creek is on the list and has helped give free passes to participating students since the program’s inception in 1996. To sign up, visit and click on the Passes & Deals icon at the top of the page.

To register for future ski school lessons at Wolf Creek, visit and click on the Ski Lesson tab at the left of the page. Happy skiing!

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