New date for annual Kiwanis brisket dinner brings a crowd

SOUTH FORK— This year the South Fork Kiwanis brisket dinner took place on a new date and the results were more than the organization were expecting.
“We have found over the years that holding the dinner on the night of July 3, after a day full of events like the South Fork Fire Department’s catfish fry, that people stopped coming more and more. So, this year, we thought that holding the dinner on a different day would help and it paid off big time,” said Kiwanis President Karen Miller.
The dinner took place on Saturday, June 30, a few days prior to the town’s annual Third of July celebrations. “The brisket dinner was a success even though the date and the times were new. The dinner just continued to get squeezed tighter and tighter into the other activities going on in town and now that we have changed the date, the club is considering keeping it that way for the future,” said Miller.
This year, Oden Dean and his dad, Herb Dean supplied live entertainment for the event that was enjoyed by everyone who attended. “It was really fun, people came out to eat and dance and share in the company of friends,” stated Miller. The club welcomed over 200 guests for the event, serving brisket prepared by the Mountain View Restaurant in Monte Vista and all of the accompanying fixings that made for a full delicious meal.
The club hosts the dinner as a fundraiser, using the funds collected during the event to help pay for future projects like annual Christmas parties for area students and the migrant worker’s program that helps supply hygienic necessities to area workers during the summer months.
“We really enjoyed the dinner and hope to have an even bigger turnout during the Thanksgiving dinner this coming fall. Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy some good food, great music and even better company,” said Miller.


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