Letter to the Editor: Vote YES on Proposition 113, National Popular Vote.

I like to think that I am good at critical thinking, and that I have a vivid imagination. But mainly I think in equations since I am an accountant. A yes vote on Proposition 113, to join other states in approving the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, is an easy result of pretty simple equations and comparisons. Please follow this logic. The number of electoral college votes for each state is equal to each states’ number of US Senators and Representatives. Different states have different populations.

States with large populations have electoral college votes that each represent a much higher number of people than small states. This is not fair. Based on 2019 census estimates the 38 electoral college votes in Texas represent about 763,000 people each, while the 3 electoral college votes for Wyoming represent only about 193,000 people each. The 9 electoral college votes in Colorado represent about 640,000 people each. Why should my vote as a Colorado citizen count so much more than the highly diluted Texan citizen’s vote, or so much less than the highly concentrated Wyoming citizen’s vote?  I will repeat, this is not fair. There are great resources on this topic, and a good spokesman is Colorado State Senator Mike Foote. Please look up this topic and learn more about it. I am certain you will join me in voting YES on Proposition 113!

Suzanne DeVore
Mosca, Colorado


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