Letter to the Editor: Involved communities foster stronger, healthier communities

Letter to the editor,

The CTC Coalition in Saguache County has made great strides toward the goal in the community. The CTC community is now on the road to brighter skies. The coalition voted on the Risk & Protective Factors in June. The two Risk Factors that were voted on were 1. Early initiation of problem behavior. 2. Favorable parental attitudes & involvement in the problem behavior. The Protective Factor is Opportunities & rewards for prosocial involvement. We have a good strong Key Leader Group, and the Coalition is growing and we have involvement from all the community. We have a coalition meeting every month, these are held virtual and if you want to be part of this group, please let me know we are always happy to see new faces.

We are now at a new phase in the program. 3.5 A community action plan.

We are also in the process of hiring new youth to work in the CTC program for Saguache County, this is a paid position. If interested please call the office.

If you would like to get involved with the CTC Program or need more information, you can call Gloria Arroyos Quintana at 719-655-2533.

Gloria Arroyos Quintana


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