Letter to the Editor: Be a part of history

To the editor,

About everyone has attended some type of event at Ski Hi Park in Monte Vista. This is a San Luis Valley regional use complex that has many uses – heritage, educational, social, recreational, and has a huge public safety component. The building has outlived its usefulness and was in need of serious upgrades.

As we all know, sometimes it is best to just start new rather than to upgrade and retrofit an old building. That is the conclusion in this case that because of the cost, it would be better to demolish the old and start new. If you have not heard, the demolition of the swimming pool took place July 21, and the multipurpose building was demolished July 23; ironically, on the day Stampede would have started.

We need your help. The project is being led by a citizen group called Friends for Ski Hi Park. We are trying to raise funds locally and obtain grants to build the new complex. We were on a good path prior to COVID-19 hitting. We had many foundations on line to help us. These foundations still want to help, but because they contributed very large sums of money for humanitarian needs at the on-set of COVID-19, they have reduced  the amount they will pledge for capital projects.

Thus far, San Luis Valley locals, and some businesses and individuals with ties to the Valley have donated almost $800,000 for the project. This is amazing for our local community!   However, we need to raise more. This is not a good time to ask for donations, and we don’t want people or businesses to put themselves in a financial bind.

If you have the ability to make a financial contribution, we would greatly appreciate it. Remember what the facility has given to you. It would be great to give back now. We would like to personally contact every individual and business to explain the project, but we don’t have the resources or time  to do that. If you would like a more detailed explanation of the project, we would be glad to give you one either by phone or in person – with proper social distancing protocol.

This is an Enterprise Zone Tax credit project which means for every $100 contributed, qualified Colorado tax payers will receive 25% tax credit back. Please see our website – https://www.friendsofskihi.org/

Please note, there is no donation too small or too large. All are welcome.

We want to give a big “shoutout” and “thank you” to all of those who have contributed thus far. We greatly appreciate all you have given.

Please help “Raise the Roof.”   Yes, we all have wonderful memories of the old swimming pool and multipurpose building. Let cherish those memories and make new ones in the new facility. This project is about our past, our present and our future!

Friends of Ski Hi Park
Karla Shriver and Kathy Rogers-Woods, Co-Chairs


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