Letter to the Editor: A Pro Statement for Ballot Issue 6A

A “yes” vote for 6A will allow the Monte Vista Fire Protection District to continue providing high quality and professional fire and emergency services to the citizens of the fire district and surrounding areas.

The Fire District relies on property tax revenue for its entire budget. The 6A initiative will accomplish two things; 1) allow funding for the district to be maintained at current tax revenue levels, preventing further declines and 2) increase the General Fund to continue daily operations including utilities, truck maintenance, facility repairs and most importantly health and safety for the district’s firefighters. A continued decrease in funding for the Monte Vista Fire Protection District will result in longer response times and less reliable equipment to handle the variety of calls for assistance. Our citizens expect and deserve the fire department to come when they call. Approval of Issue 6A will help secure future emergency services and therefore by helping the Monte Vista Fire Protection District, we are helping ourselves.

Patrick Sullivan, Monte Vista Fire Chief


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