Hookten Harmony plans for community-wide event

SOUTH FORK — Hookten Harmony has hit the scene in South Fork and has been making waves ever since arriving by offering a wide-range of opportunities to the area, including child singing lessons, Zoomba classes and more.

Owners David and Keeley Hookten knew when they moved to the area that they wanted to become part of the community and have been working hard to give back through their many talents.

In March of this year while visiting family, Hookten and her husband decided that they were going to begin looking for their forever home in the town they loved.

“It was so great. My husband had a job interview and we had come down to look at homes and everything just kind of fell into place,” Keeley said. “In March, when we got here, everything shut down because of the pandemic and I told my husband that I didn’t want to go back to Texas. His job interview worked out and we were able to find a beautiful home, so we made the move.”

The Hooktens noticed that there were not a lot of activities for children in the area outside of what is offered in surrounding towns like Del Norte and Creede, so Keeley decided to make one more leap of faith and began looking for students.

“I have a bachelor’s degree in music and anthropology and have been teaching voice and piano lessons for eight years. I also have a master’s in vocal performance and pedagogy, so I thought I would try to make a living out of what I love,” Keeley said.

Coming up at the end of the month, Hookten Harmony will be hosting a community-wide event that will feature a short lesson in two-step dance moves and provide an evening of music and community fun. Community Night is coming up on Saturday April 24. The free event will start at 7 p.m. David and Keeley will teach a short two-step lesson for couples who would like to hit the dance floor.

Don’t dance? Don’t worry. There is plenty of seating, so come to talk with friends and enjoy the free snacks provided by the South Fork Friends Foundation and cookies provided by Frosted Off the Top. If you have kids, they have you covered. Free childcare is available. Kids have their own area indoors or outdoors, with games and plenty of activities to keep them busy or they can join in on the dancing.

Coming up Hookten Harmony will be hosting summer music and arts camp called “Around the World'' and ballet beginner camps as well. For more details, email Keeley at [email protected]


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