Headwaters Music Festival serenades Creede

By Lyndsie Ferrell
CREEDE— Though the weekend came and went in a series of thunderstorms in the Creede area, residents guests and musicians did not let that deter them from having a wonderful time at the Third Annual Headwaters Music Festival. Several of the performing musicians commented on the amazing crowd that still danced the days away despite the gloomy rain.
This year was by far the busiest for the music fest. The bands came in from around the US to entertain for the entire weekend. Talents included bands like Trouble Bound, Victor and Penny as well as Thom Shepherd and more. The days were filled with bright, family-friendly tunes and the baseball field south of town was packed with vendors, craft tents and food trucks. There was something for everyone to enjoy.
Bands played a variety of old school tunes such as “My Girl” and other retro songs that kept the crowd on their feet the entire time. The festival was set up by several local volunteers and included two large tents that people were able to hide under during some of the heavier rain storms. Others danced in the rain as if it were nothing, giving the festival a fun, funky feeling that Creede has been known for.
In one location, guests could make what was called a Canjo. The musical instrument is basic, yet beautiful in the most simplified way. Local resident Jeff Johnson spent the morning on Sunday helping people make this unique instrument from a can, a stick and guitar parts. The one-string guitar was the fascination of everyone who participated in the workshop. Even some of the musicians playing in the festival came to take a gander at what all the talk was about.
Yoga classes and other crafty projects were available for people to do while the music played in the background. When the festival wasn’t going, guests wandered into Creede to enjoy all of the shops, restaurants and activities in town. The weekend was a huge success and plans for next year are already underway.
The festival was made possible through several efforts from local volunteers and many sponsors like Big River Music, Creede Olive Oil Company, Mountain Views RV Resort and RV Park, Kip’s Grill, Big Country Fun, Sean and Gidgett Madix, The Antlers, Arp’s and Dragonfly Flats.  
If there was one thing Creede was missing three years ago, it was a music festival and now that that is out of the way, it’s on to bigger and better things for the coming year. Next up is Labor Day Weekend, so be sure to visit www.creede.com for a full schedule of events and come say goodbye to summer in style!


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