GSFCF donates funding to South Fork

SOUTH FORK- During the annual meeting of the Greater South Fork Community Foundation, the organization opted to donate $5,100 to the Town of South Fork to help with costs associated with purchasing new tables and chairs for the South Fork Community Building.

The town has been working to improve the existing community building for the past few years, beginning with new siding on the outside and new flooring on the inside. In July of this year, the town passed a resolution to create a savings fund in order to track the money being saved for the purchase of new tables and chairs. The town will need to save about $20,000 to purchase the tables and chairs for the community building and during the meeting of GSFCF, it was announced that the Friends of South Fork will also be donating to this cause later this year.

GSFCF member Suzan Ginani also announced that the two entities are hoping to come together in the near future to better serve the South Fork community. “The two groups are in the process of aligning their goals to better serve the community and hope they can create an alliance. The Friends of South Fork have done some great things for the community and we believe that combining the two would be a huge asset.”

The Friends of South Fork are well-known for creating the annual Yuletide Holiday Lighting event that takes place every year at the South Fork Visitor Center and for helping to revitalize the ball fields and new signage that now graces the entrance to the fields.

Through their combined efforts the two groups would be able to compile their resources to help with community projects that will make South Fork an even greater community than it already is. More details about how the two groups plan to move forward will be available soon. “We are working out the details and will have something to share with the public very soon. It will be a wonderful alliance that will benefit the community of South Fork in several ways,” said Friends of South Fork member Kris Steffens. 


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