Greaser Field sign completed and installed

SOUTH FORK- The South Fork Kiwanis branch was pleased to see that a sign they purchased last spring was installed at the ballfield in South Fork this past week. Kiwanis helped pay to have the sign made last spring with the hopes of having it dedicated to John Graeser later in the year. Though the ribbon cutting ceremony will have to postponed, Kiwanis still hopes to have a celebration as soon as it is safe to do so.

According to Friends of South Fork member Kris Steffens, the organization is still trying to get a softball team together for the town and to encourage surrounding communities to come and join them throughout the summer. Funding to purchase equipment and to refurbish the old ballfield in South Fork has been set aside for when and if the softball team can begin to practice and play.

More information about the possibility of the Friends of South Fork softball team will be reported soon. Hopes are high to have something in place by the beginning of June or July. In the meantime, the group is working on plans for their third annual community yard sale which has gained popularity over the last three years. Those interested in participating in the yard sale can send a message to the Friends of South Fork on their Facebook page or call Mark Teders at the South Fork Visitor Center.

Kiwanis is currently waiting to see how things play out with the COVID-19 situation before they make any decisions about their annual events like the brisket dinner. Due to the fact that the organization has not been able to meet, these decisions have been tabled for the time being.

The town is continuing to work on opening businesses and RV parks for the summer guests who have already begun to arrive in town. South Fork like other communities in Rio Grande County are now waiting for the results of the pending variance request or a change in the state restrictions so that they can open up and begin to host events like the ribbon cutting at Greaser Field.

The town has announced that they are still planning on hosting regular events like the Third of July celebrations and the annual Logger Days Festival. All updated information can be found on their website at 


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