Frank Archuleta promoted to Del Norte Police Chief

Photo by Lyndsie Ferrell Frank Archuleta’s police chief badge is pinned to his uniform

DEL NORTE- The Del Norte Town board of trustees convened for the first time since March for their regular monthly meeting the evening of June 10. Town Manager Bernadette Martinez with the help of town staff set up tables and chairs to host the meeting outside in the park. The evening was a night to remember if only for the fact that people were obviously happy to be getting back to some form of normalcy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

After approving the consent agenda, the board moved into the vote to promote Archuleta to police chief after months of waiting for applicants to apply. “Frank is the best choice for the position and we just needed to be able to hold a public meeting in order to promote him,” said Martinez.

Archuleta has served with the Del Norte Police Department going on 20 years and is eager to continue to serve the community he has grown to love. “I had no intentions of coming here. I was happy in Center but after getting an offer from one of the previous police chiefs, I took the job as an officer and have made this community my home.”

Archuleta had a teary catch in his voice as he accepted the badge for police chief while his family, friends and brothers in blue watched as his wife pinned it to his uniform. “I know we are in some difficult times right now and that there is no trust for law enforcement and my brothers in blue are facing some difficult times, but it is my promise to you that I will protect this community to the best of my ability and I will do it with integrity and honesty.”

The board opened the meeting with reports from the Public Works Department and the Del Norte Police Department. Public Works Director Kevin Larimore gave a brief report stating that the water sanitation project that the town has been working on for well over a year is nearing completion and that construction crews are working on the final stages. “Everything is going well, and they are putting the final touches on the project.”

Police Chief Frank Archuleta gave his report stating that the department has been keeping busy and that they were in the process of seeking additional officers and an ordinance officer to help the town enforce ordinances. “This position would address nuisances, illegal camping, cluttered yards, illegal dumping and other enforcements. It is part-time but we have a few interviews scheduled for next week,” said Archuleta.


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