Fourth grade students with URGSD step back in history


Photos by Lyndsie Ferrell The Upper Rio Grande School District fourth-grade class awed family and friends on Thursday, April 28, with a historical presentation and live-action museum. Students welcomed family and friends who learned about each student's historical figures through interactive presentations by the students.

DEL NORTE — The Upper Rio Grande School District opened its doors on Thursday, April 28 to parents and friends of the fourth-grade class who came to see historical exhibits created by students.

The front commons area at the school was transformed into a museum-like setting and over 20 students lined the room ready and eager to share their historical figure with family and friends.

Students spent the past several weeks researching a historical figure of their choice and preparing a presentation for those who attended.

Students chose figures ranging from Cleopatra who lived in 69BC to Stephen Hawking who was born in 1942. Each student had a small black mark on their hands that served as a button. A family member or friend could push the black button and the student would begin telling the person about their historical figure.

Students were also dressed according to their historical figure and completed a full report and presentation that accompanied them for the living museum.

The event was well attended and lasted about 45 minutes.

Students were as follows: Shane Robertson- Jesus, 6BC; Sydnee Beltrane Quintana – Cleopatra, 69BC; Catolina Martinez - Leonardo DaVinci, 1452; Uriah Martinez - George Washington, 1732; Azilea Gallegos – Sacajawea, 1788; Jayden Powell-Gates - Chief Walkara, 1808; Payden Marshall-Olivera - Abraham Lincoln, 1809; Alex Sequra - Clara Barton, 1821; Carlos Valdez - Chief Red Cloud, 1822; Christopher Coleman - Chief Sitting Bull, 1831; Dereck Cereceres - Chief Ouray, 1833; Sawyer Roesch - Chief Crazy Horse, 1842; Victor Najera - Thomas Edison, 1847; Nidia Garcia - Laura Ingalls, 1867; Gracelynn Trujillo - Marie Clark, 1867; Mercedes Heredia - Helen Keller, 1880; Amelia Hobbs - Amelia Earhart, 1897; Samieul Spounias - Louis Armstrong, 1901; Richard Dickson - John F Kennedy, 1903; Emmah Valasquez - Martin Luther King, 1929; Ethan Estrada - Neil Armstrong, 1930; Lenny Gallegos - Muhammad Ali, 1942; DeAndre LeBlanc - Stephen Hawking, 1942.