Del Norte Police warn of counterfeit bills

DEL NORTE— According to sources through Del Norte Bank, several businesses throughout the area have recently received counterfeit bills from unknown sources.
The bills are almost identical to real bills, except for the fact that they are smaller than a normal bill. “So far we have received three $20 bills from two local business and one restaurant. Our tellers each have a machine that counts money and recognizes fake bills which is how the money was identified,” explained Bank President Mike Hurst.
All of the bills were turned into the Del Norte Police Department for further investigations, though Police Chief Robert Fresquez stated that it will be hard to determine where they came from. “The bills were hard to identify to begin with. Businesses use the pen to mark larger bills and the ink barely turned black. It wasn’t until it reached the bank and ran through the recycling machine that they were properly identified. We just want people to know that there are counterfeit bills out there and to use proper precaution,” stated Fresquez.
Hurst stated that they will provide counterfeit marking pens to all clients that need any and will sell the pens to anyone who wishes to purchase one. “We will do what we can to help the community identify counterfeit bills,” said Hurst.
In addition to the counterfeit bills, Del Norte Police responded to several calls between the hours of midnight and 2 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 29. “reports of a disturbance came in around midnight and after investigating what appeared to be four shots fired, we were unable to come up with any suspects,” said Fresquez.
He explained that someone had supposedly discharged what sounded like a weapon but were unable to determine an exact location. “It could have been fireworks too. There was a party where we contacted the individuals but found no evidence of a weapon. The sound of something like that echoes, which caused us to get calls from several locations throughout town. We also spoke with three additional people who were out walking around but came up with nothing,” explained Fresquez.
“There is a reason that the town has a no weapons ordinance in place. People really need to think before discharging a weapon in town. What goes up, must come down and someone could be severely injured or even killed. You may think you have control of the weapon, but in reality, you have no idea were that bullet may end up,” said Fresquez.
Fresquez also would like to remind residents to lock their vehicles and outdoor storage areas as well as keep well-lit yards to deter any thefts. “We haven’t had any recently, and we would like to keep it that way. Residents need to continue to be vigilant.”


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