Del Norte High School performs ‘Get Smart’

Photo by Patrick Shea The cast of “Get Smart” gathered onstage in the Ruth Sittler Auditorium after their performance on Thursday, April 18 (opening night).

DEL NORTE — Cold War humor returned to Del Norte High School on Thursday, April 18 with a clever performance of “Get Smart” in the Ruth Sittler Auditorium. Audience members unfamiliar with the 1960s television show and 2008 movie quickly picked up the comedy with Senior Blake Cestone playing Maxwell Smart, Special Agent 86 for C.O.N.T.R.O.L.
Working with Soren Wheeler Bailey (Agent 99), Cestone battled wits with Mr. Big from K.A.O.S., played by River Randolph. Professor Dante (Audrey Plucinski) created a prototype of an incredibly destructive weapon called the “Inthermo.” K.A.O.S. pulled a few stunts to steal the Inthermo and Dr. Dante, including kidnapping four blonde gals to bait C.O.N.T.R.O.L.
Seated on-stage, the four blondes included three brunettes and one slightly blonde woman. Mr. Big looked puzzled, until one of the captives explained, “It’s based on personality, not hair color.”
Amping up the sterotype, Senior Syana Colville played a platinum-blonde Princess Ingrid. Agent 86 had saved Ingrid’s father five years before, and he was tasked with keeping her safe while K.A.O.S. gathered blondes. Unwilling to visit monuments, museums and libraries, the princess considered the fun possibilities at the Fortune Cookie Club, a K.A.O.S. trap. She escaped from Agents 46 and 99 and appeared onstage later as a hypnotized “Ingrid Wong” when K.A.O.S. held C.O.N.T.R.O.L. agents at gunpoint.
Theatre/trades teacher Bill Sauvigne said he had multiple options for the spring performance, but the cast quickly agreed to try “Get Smart.” Instead of creating two separate casts, the students wanted to stay together. So 18 actors played 26 parts, supported by a crew of nine technicians and the skills of Sauvigne’s trade students.
Principal Russell Randolph provided the narrative voice echoing off-stage. Senior Sound Designer Lydia Garcia managed Randolph’s voice, phone noises from Maxwell Smart’s shoe and the voice of Mr. Big talking back through the K.A.O.S. phone-bugging system. Assisting C.O.N.T.R.O.L. chief (Triniti Rivera), Krista Trujillo played the double-agent Ms. Finch with a bugging device attached to her lapel.
A second performance on Saturday, April 20, included a repeat of many notable quips. Hiding in a small bin of toxic waste while covering for Agent 86, Agent 44 received a phone call from Smart.
“Have you got anything?” Agent 86 asked.
“Yes,” replied Agent 44, played by Kyle Dahle. “Claustrophobia.”

Cast members
Maxell Smart: Blake Cestone
Agent 99: Soren Wheeler Bailey
Princess Ingrid: Syana Colville
The Chief: Triniti Rivera
Professor Zalinka: Brittney Butler
Ms. Finch: Krista Trujillo
Mary Wong: Meadow Fager
Garth/Jane: Rachel Gallegos
Agent 13/Shirley Wong: Kaylie Metz-Mashburn
Agent 44/Fred: Kyle Dahle
Professor Dante/Betsy Wong: Audrey Plucinski
Hodgkins/Woman: Allison Noller
Myra/May: Elena Gentry
Mr. Big: River Randolph
Jill: Chassity Villa
Man: Amandeep Dullat
Ann/Little Sister: Kenzie Smith
Laura/Big Sister: Shelby VanZalinge
The Voice: Mr. Randolph

Assistant director/stage manager/lighting: Meadow Fager
Sound designer: Lydia Garcia
Assistant sound designer: Mayah Dominguez
Prop master: Mark Pierce
Scenic artists: Kaeci Madrid, Myka Glover and Lacie Jones
Tech crew: Will Perez, Andrew Phelps and Sebastian Steffens
Construction team: Mr. Sauvigne’s trade students


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