Decision grants access to 288-acre land-locked private property

MONTE VISTA — February 27, 2019 – Rio Grande National Forest Supervisor Dan Dallas today announced a new decision to provide reasonable access to a 288 acre private property parcel adjacent to Wolf Creek Ski Area owned by Leavell-McCombs Joint Venture. The property owner plans to construct a year-round resort known as the Village at Wolf Creek.
The decision approves a road and utility right-of-way across National Forest System land from U.S. Highway 160 to the private property. The right-of-way is about 1,610 feet in length and would be within a 100-foot corridor with a total area of about 3.7 acres.
“The property owned by Leavell-McCombs Joint Venture is surrounded by National Forest System land,” said Forest Supervisor Dan Dallas. “My decision provides the access that is legally required for private inholdings.”
The decision is based on Alternative 3, the so called ANILCA alternative, as analyzed in the final environmental impact statement completed for the Village at Wolf Creek Access Project in 2014. The Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, a national authority, grants private land owners surrounded by National Forest System lands a right of reasonable access.
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provided a new biological opinion to inform the decision. This biological opinion analyzed the effects to the Canada lynx from the proposed authorization of access across the Rio Grande National Forest.
“This has been a long, complex project and I encourage folks to learn more about its status and review the new decision for themselves,” added Dallas.
The record of decision and final environmental impact statement is available for public review at 


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