Creede Cabin Fever heads indoor, outdoor

Photo by Patrick Shea For indoor enthusiasts during Creede’s Cabin Fever Daze on Feb. 16–17, Stephen Quiller described visual composition techniques, and visitors enjoyed lunch from Arp’s and films from Creede High School students and the Creede Repertory Theatre at the Ruth Humphreys Brown Theatre.

CREEDE — While cabin fever drove most insanity outside during Creede’s Cabin Fever Daze on Feb. 16–17, film enthusiasts and visual composition fans heading into the Ruth Humphreys Brown Theatre on Sunday to hear Stephen Quiller describe techniques, eat lunch from Arp’s and watch films from Creede High School students and the Creede Repertory Theatre.
The Creede Community Foundation steered people indoors with a suggested meal donation of $10 and hours of education and entertainment. The foundation accepted additional contributions and mentioned three other projects in progress. On top of working on the three-mile pedestrian trail loop around the Willow Creek floodplain, the foundation sponsors the Independence Day fireworks show and the community beer garden during Days of ’92 events.
Quiller displayed three of his paintings, but more important, he showed studies for the pieces to reveal how he considered his composition. On-screen, Quiller clicked through classic examples covering centuries. Even people with the rods and cones of a 1950s television in their eyes could understand his explanations.
The high school film production was all-inclusive, just like the project was advertised for students at Creede High School. From script-writing through final edits, the production featured student-produced work exclusively and outlined the entire process. Called, “The Mines,” the story turns from a routine day to a daring rescue by “The Boy.”
Rhonda Foale followed with a presentation about the Geology of the Colorado Plateau. Combining video with geologic tidbits, Foale described days before the Pangea supercontinent and the cataclysmic events that produced today’s Colorado Plateau.
The indoor lessons concluding with a sneak preview of the CRT schedule this summer. Entering its 54th year, the 2019 season will feature returning cast members and new blood for multiple productions in Creede. The 2018 productions drew a record number, the best attendance to date with 21,000 behinds in seats throughout the season.
With input from John D’Antonio and other CRT staff, Jess Jackson described each show planned for this year, as well as the perpetually funny Boomtown! improvisation comedy production and the Kid Show, an original play produced by young CRT students on July 11, 12 and 13.
The season begins with “Peter and the Starcatcher” (May 31–Aug. 25), a rework of a Dave Barry novel depicting Peter before he became Peter Pan. From June 14 to Aug. 8, the “Ripcord” comedy pairs new nursing home roommates with clashing personalities. “Little Shop of Horrors” will run from June 28 to Aug. 24, and a theatrical production of Jane Austin’s “Pride and Prejudice” starts July 26 and continues to Sept. 14.
Jackson described cast members for each production. Some are CRT regulars who live in Creede, but others will travel from different regions this season. But the total cast of characters in 2019 will be even greater. For “Pride and Prejudice,” for example, eight actors will play the parts of all the characters in the novel.

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