Citizens of SD35

Letters to the Editor

I write to you all today to discuss our latest election cycle.  I want to thank all the individuals throughout the State of Colorado who helped with counting the ballots.  This is a very important role in our Democratic Republic.  I am aware that the Electoral College just made the official Presidential election finalized. 
I have seen how people in the country are “protesting” the results because their candidate didn’t win.  Take it from me, it is not pleasant when you don’t win your campaign; but this is a part of all elections no matter the position.  There are winners and there are losers.  I have serious concerns that so many people don’t believe the election was fair or that it was rigged.  My logic is that if it wasn’t fair, maybe I won my election.  But it was fair and I lost.  To state that this happened in some rigged fashion is so destructive to our American tradition of elections.  It also casts doubt on those who did win their campaigns, no matter which side of the aisle they rest.  I think we have to be fair with all and not just with a select few when allegations of voter fraud are brought forward.
In closing I want to remind everyone that competitions have winners and losers.  That’s the nature of this venture.  But I am proud of all of those who choose to stick their neck out and place themselves and their families in the occasional, uncomfortable light of campaigns.
Respectfully, Carlos R. Lopez, Citizen of Trinidad