CDOT plans new signs, repaving and rest area improvements

Wolf Creek Pass will be under construction again this year as CDOT crews work to add more signage to the west side of the pass to help minimize freight accidents.

WOLF CREEK— According to a report by Mineral County Commissioner Chairman Jesse Albright on May 6, CDOT is preparing for several projects on and around Wolf Creek Pass in the next few years. Albright recently attended a reginal CDOT meeting where he was presented with a project status update for ongoing and future projects along Wolf Creek Pass and near the town of South Fork.
In the project update packet, it states that CDOT is preparing to install additional signage along the west side of the pass that will further help vehicles determine if they are traveling at unsafe speeds and warn them to use the runaway truck ramp.
“This project is located on the westbound side of US 160 Wolf Creek Pass, from the summit to the bottom of the pass. The various work areas lie between mile point 158, near Treasure Falls parking area and mile point 173, about five miles east of the ski area. Signage, striping and safety barrier upgrades will help to reduce the frequency and severity of freight crashes. Work will include the installation of large overhead Blank Out signs with dynamic lighted elements. In addition, the large concrete safety barriers placed at the scenic overlook and curve will aim to reduce truck crashes at this location. Construction is scheduled to begin June 4, weather permitting.”
According to Albright, CDOT plans to have signage that will warn vehicles of high speeds as they are traveling down the west side of the pass and instruct them to take the runaway truck ramp immediately.
In addition to the signage project, CDOT will initiate resurfacing the road beginning at the Wolf Creek Tunnel to just outside the town of South Fork. This project is not going to take place until the summer of 2020 and is a result of the recent work done along the road to install fiberoptic cables. The project is currently in the design phase.
Another future project will include improvements to the Shaw Creek Rest area just outside of South Fork. “The project will add additional parking opportunities at the rest area. The rest area currently has four truck parking locations and will be expanded to 10. The Shaw Creek area gets additional usage when Wolf Creek Pass closes and will most likely require expansion of existing pavement areas. Construction is estimated to begin in the spring of 2020.”
A regional CDOT meeting is scheduled to take place at the end of July in Mineral County in order to discuss more potential local projects. More details will be reported as they come available. 


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