Approval to harvest 778 acres of forest issued

SOUTH FORK – Divide District Ranger Martha Williamson signed the decision notice approving the Little Beaver Timber Management Project Wednesday, Feb. 26. The project is located in Rio Grande County about 9 miles south of South Fork, Colorado along the Demijohn road network.
The proposed action, as clarified, will harvest about 778 acres of Engelmann spruce, Douglas-fir and subalpine fir trees. Most of the area will be harvested as a final shelterwood cut, which is the last harvest in a sequence of scheduled operations that began in the 1960s and 1970s. Approximately 29 acres of the harvest will salvage beetle-killed spruce trees. The project is expected to yield approximately 2.5 million board feet of sawtimber.
“Most of the timber management projects on the District over the past several years have focused on recovering the economic value of beetle-killed trees,” said Williamson. “This project represents a transition back to management that focuses on maintaining the health and productivity of ‘green’ forests in our suitable timber base.”
Other activities associated with the project include road maintenance, pile burning, and temporarily opening gated roads for public firewood gathering after harvest.
For more information concerning the Little Beaver Timber Management Project, visit the project webpage at, or call the Divide Ranger District office at 719-657-3321.


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